Topik Contoh Soal Suggestion And Offer Pilihan Ganda Dan Jawabannya

Bahasa Inggris

Bahasa Inggris

Suggestions dapat digunakan dalam bentuk solutions, saran, rencana dan idea. Misalnya teman anda sedang dalam masalah tidak bisa mata pelajaran bahasa Inggris maka anda dapat menyarankannya untuk mengikuti kursus bahasa inggris Contoh Soal Suggestions dan Jawabannya.

1. A: What ___________ we do this weekend?
B: Let’s go to the beach.
a. will     b. is           c. shall       d. should

2. How about _____________ surfing?
a. go    b. going       c. do         d. doing

3. X: Let’s throw a party this Friday. What do you say?
C: Yes,___________
a. we can          b. that would be great.
c. thank you      d. I do.

4. ____________ we go to the cafe? It’s still too early to go into the cinema now.
a. why not       b. shall we do      c. what shall      d. why don’t

5. _________ order some food? I’m starving now.
a. Why             b. let’s         c. shall we       d. by the way

6. E: How shall we go to the party?
B: Shall we take my car?
E: ___________
a. That’ll be great              b. I think it’s nice.
c. I suppose you’re right   d. I’ll have a look at it.

7. R: What about going fishing?
K: Sorry, ____________.
a. I’ll be busy          b. I’m not really into it.
c. I can’t play it.        d. I think it’s not okay.

8. L: What time shall we meet?
P: What ___________ two pm?
a. on    b. of       c. is      d. about

9. Why don’t we ________ a ride in the countryside?
a. go for      b. go to      c. go in        d. go by

10. H: Shall we go camping this weekend?
N: Sorry, man. I don’t really fancy it. _______________
a. I’d prefer going skiing
b. I prefer to go skiing
c. I’d love to go skiing
d. I’d rather go skiing


1.c 2.b
3.b 4.d
5.c 6.a
7.b 8.d
9.a 10.d


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