Materi dan Soal Bahasa Inggris ‘Prohibition’ (Larangan) Kelas 7 SMP

Materi dan Soal Bahasa Inggris 'Prohibition' (Larangan) Kelas 7 SMP

Materi dan Soal Bahasa Inggris ‘Prohibition’ (Larangan) Kelas 7 SMP

Kata Tuan – Materi dan Soal Bahasa Inggris ‘Prohibition’ (Larangan) Kelas 7 SMPProhibition adalah sebuah kalimat larangan atau peringatan bagi orang lain untuk tidak melakukan sesuatu. Contohnya: ‘Don’t touch me!’ , ‘Don’t be lazy!’, dan ‘Don’t step the grass’. Kalimat prohibition ini biasanya di awali dengan kalimat ‘don’t’ atau ‘do not’ yang artinya jangan. Prohibition ini sendiri dibagi kedalam tiga jenis yaitu yang pertama ialah verbal prohibitionnominal prohibition, dan prohibition no + verb-ing. Mari langsung saja kita simak penjelasan dan contoh kalimat prohibition itu sendiri.

Verbal Prohibition
Verbal Prohibition ini menggunakan kata kerja (verb) di dalam kalimatnya, prohibition selalu menggunakan verb 1. Ingat, kalimatnya harus dimulai dengan don’t atau do not. Maka akan didapat rumus verbal prohibition seperti ini: Don’t + Verb 1
  • Don’t touch me! (jangan sentuh aku!)
  • Don’t cry! (jangan menangis!)
  • Don’t come late! (jangan datang terlambat!)
  • Don’t step in the grass! (jangan menginjak rumput!)
  • Don’t read books loudly in the library! (jangan mebaca keras di perpustakaan!)
  • Don’t swim too far! (jangan berenang terlalu jauh!)
  • Don’t go away! (jangan pergi!)
  • Don’t leave me! (jangan tinggalkan aku!)
  • Don’t blame her! (jangan salahkan dia!)
  • Don’t eat too much! (jangan makan terlalu banyak!)
  • Don’t eat my ice cream! (jangan makan es krim ku!)
  • Don’t follow me! (jangan ikuti aku!)
  • Don’t play football in the house! (jangan main bola di dalam rumah!)
  • Don’t leave me alone! (jangan tinggalkan aku sendirian!)
  • Don’t speak to her! (jangan bicara padanya!)
  • Don’t run in the hallway!  (jangan berlarian di lorong!)
Jika kalian ingin membuat kalimat larangan ini menjadi polite prohibition atau kalimat larangan yang lebih lembut atau sopan. Kalian bisa menambahkan kata ‘please’ di dalamnya. Contohnya seperti:
  • Please don’t leave me alone (tolong jangan tinggalkan aku sendirian)
  • Please don’t go (tolong jangan pergi)
  • Please stay with me (tolong tinggalah bersamaku)
  • Please don’t cry (tolong jangan menangis)
  • Don’t touch the things, please! (jangan menyentuh barang-barang, tolong!)
  • Don’t speak loudly, please! (jangan berbicara terlalu keras, tolong!)
  • Don’t disturb, please! (jangan mengganggu, tolong!)
Nominal Prohibition
Nominal Prohibition adalah kalimat larangan yang mengandung kata Adverb (Kata Keterangan), Noun (Kata Benda), dan Adjective (Kata Sifat). Maka rumusnya ialah Don’t + be + Adverb/Noun/Adjective. Berikut adalah contoh kalimat nominal prohibition.
  • Don’t be late! (jangan terlambat!)
  • Don’t be sad! (jangan bersedih!)
  • Don’t be lazy! (jangan malas!)
  • Don’t be a stupid person (jangan jadi orang yang bodoh!)
  • Don’t be so serious (jangan jadi terlalu serius!)
  • Don’t be a corruptor (jangan menjadi seorang koruptor!)
  • Don’t be an useless person (janganlah jadi orang yang tidak berguna!)
  • Don’t be crazy! (jangan gila!)
  • Don’t be mad at me! (jangan marah padaku!)
  • Don’t be hopeless! (Jangan berputus asa!)
Jika kalian ingin mengubahnya kedalam polite prohibition, tinggal di tampahkan please di belakang atau di depan kalimat.
Prohibition ‘No + Verb-Ing’
Selain bentuk verbal dannominal prohibition ada juga prohibition yang di bentuk dari No + verb-ing. Makna ‘No’ disini sama artinya dengan ‘don’t’ yang artinya jangan. Berikut contoh kalimatnya:
  • No smoking! (dilarang merokok)
  • No fishing (dilarang memancing)
  • No littering (dilarang membuang sampah)
  • No feeding (jangan memberi makan)
  • No tipping (jangan memberikan uang tip)
  • No parking (dilarang parkir)

Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 7 SMP

Choose the correct answer by crossing  a,b,c, or d  !

  1. “Can you go to the gymnasium this afternoon?”


  1. No, I can.
  2. Yes, I cannot.
  3. Yes, I can.
  4. No, you can not
  5. “Can you bring an umbrella today?”


  1. Yes, I will.
  2. Yes, I cannot.
  3. Yes, I can.
  4. No, I will not.
  5. “Can you make a cup of coffee?”


  1. Yes, I cannot.
  2. No, I cannot.
  3. No, they cannot.
  4. Yes, they can.
  5.  “Are you able to edit photos with Photoshop?”

“………………… . But my brother is able to do it”

  1. No, I am not able to do that.
  2. Yes, my brother is able to do that.
  3. No, my brother is not able to do that.
  4. Yes, I am able to do that.
  1.  “…………….. tell the teacher that I am still sick?”

“Yes, I will tell her.”

  1. Can you
  2. Are you
  3. Will you
  4. Are you able to
  5.  “Will you come to the drama rehearsal?”

“………………… . I am so excited about that”

  1. Yes, I will.
  2. No, I will not.
  3. I don’t know.
  4. I am not sure.
  5.  “Will you do my homework?”

“………………… . You have to do it by yourself.”

  1. Yes, I can.
  2. Yes, I will.
  3. No, I cannot.
  4. No, I will not.
  5. Dina     :good morning Ipat, How are you.?

Sinta    : ……….

  1. I am fine
  2. I am ipat
  3. yes, a have
  4. I am student
  1. Olive    : thank you very much.

Mia      : ……………..

  1. You are welcome
  2. Good
  3. Fine
  4. So bad
  5. Rani: “Yuli can make fried rice, and she can fry the egg nicely. She can also

serve fried rice beautifully with tomatoes and celery.”

According to Rani: expect…..

  1. She can eat celery
  2. She can make fried rice
  3. She can fry the egg nicely
  4. She can serve fried rice beautifully
  5. Mr. Adnan: “It is not easy to read a story to your friends loudly and correctly.

But, I’m happy that many of you can do it well. Adi still makes mistakes, but he

can read his story loudly.”

According to Mr. Adnan:

  1. Adi can read his history
  2. Adi can make mistakes
  3. Adi can carrecly
  4. Adi loudly
  5. Adnan: “My mum is out of town today. My dad is also very busy. But he will

come to my school to collect my report.”

According to Lathan, we know tha his Dad will….

  1. come to his school to collect his report.
  2. come to his school to collect his mum
  3. Out of town today
  4. also very busy
  5. Lathan: “My aunt is often angry with my cousin, Lusi. She makes a mess but

she will not do the cleaning. She will not even clean her own room.”

According to Lathan, we know that….

  1. His Aunt will not do the cleaning.
  2. She will clean her own room.
  3. His Aunt will do the cleaning.
  4. She always angry with my cousin
  5. To give instruction we say….
  6. I can clean it
  7. Can I join you?
  8. Will you come?
  9. Come in please!
  10. The statement I wonder if you could have dinner at my home before we see the concert expresses….
  11. an invitation
  12. an instruction
  13. a prohibition
  14. a permission
  1. The statement, That would be nice, but I must pick up my sister at the airport tomorrow afternoonmeans….
  2. .The speaker refuses the invitation
  3. The speaker accepts the invitation
  4. The speaker states an invitation
  5. The speaker agrees to the invitation
  1. The statement that expresses a prohibition is ….
  2. Can I take my cousin to the concert?
  3. .Don’t bring her pet to the concert.
  4. Keep these tickets.
  5. Sure. I’m a big fan of Noah because I like their songs
  6. The sentence, Can I take my cousin to the concert? expresses….
  7. asking for permission
  8. an invitation
  9. a prohibition
  10. an instruction

The following text is for question no 19 to 23.

Birthday Invitation

Come to my party 

To: my friend “Padjy”

You are invited to My 13th birthday party

Date    : Friday, October 3, 2014

Time    : 04.00 p.m.

Address: silina Street no 5

Thanks – Arnee

  1. Based on the invitation card above, choose the kind of party that is held:
  2. Birthday party
  3. Born day party
  4. Graduation party
  5. Special party
  6. Where the party will be held ….
  7. at Lisina street no 1
  8. at Silina street no 5
  9. at Sinali street no 1
  10. at Lisina street no 5
  11. The following things are include in the birthday invitation EXCEPT ….
  12. time
  13. date
  14. gift
  15. address
  16. The party belongs to ….
  17. my friend
  18. Silina
  19. Jhosua
  20. Arnee
  21. The party will be held at ….
  22. 03.00 in the afternoon
  23. 02.00 in the morning
  24. 01.00 in the morning
  25. .04.00 in the afternoon
  26. Ary’s birthday is today. Dony wants to greet him.

What will Dony write to Ary on the greeting card? Choose the most proper expression from the options below:

  1. Lets join my party Ary.
  2. Happy birthday Ary
  3. Congratulation on your success Ary
  4. Happy graduation Ary
  5. My friend will celebrate his graduation and throwing a party tomorrow. I want to send him a greeting card to congratulate.

What will I write in the greeting card? Choose the right expressions from the options below:

  1. Happy birthday!
  2. .Congratulations on your graduation day!
  3. Happy born day!
  4. Happy Day!

The following text is for question no 26 to 28.

To :Niny


on your success

As the winner in writing and reading “poem competition”

All the best


  1. The type of the card is ….
  2. a greeting card
  3. an invitation card
  4. an identity card
  5. a writing card
  6. Raslo’s purpose in sending a greeting card to Ninyis ….
  7. because she failed in competition.
  8. because she almost becomes the winner in the poem competition.
  9. because she is the winner of the poem competition.
  10. because it is her birthday.
  11. “Wish you all the best.”

Word ‘you’ in the sentences refer to ….

  1. someone who sends the greeting card.
  2. .someone who receives the greeting card.
  3. someone who wants to join the party.
  4. someone who is invited to the party.

The following text is for question no 29 to 31.

Dear Mr.& Mrs. Reed,

We’d like congratulations on your 25th wedding anniversary on 11th October 2014.

We wish you more years of happiness ahead.


Tyler & Crystal Smith

  1. Who is the card for?
  2. Tyler and Crystal
  3. Mr. and Mrs. Smith
  4. Mr. and Mrs. Reed
  5. Tyler Reed
  6. When did Mr. and Mrs. Reed get married?
  7. In 1988
  8. In 1989
  9. In 1990
  10. In 1991
  11. Who sent the card?
  12. Mrs. Smith
  13. Mr. Smith
  14. Tyler and Crystal Smith
  15. Mr. and Mrs. Reed
  16. “Today you turn a year older.

 I wish you good health, be wise and full of success in the years to come”.

The following phrases will be best to write in … greeting card.

  1. .birthday
  2. having a new child
  3. anniversary
  4. engagement
  5. The following sentences are expression of ‘congratulation’ is….
  6. It was great to hear about …
  7. That a wonderful picture, 1 love it
  8. You look nice in that dress!
  9. What a wonderful painting

The following text is for question no 34 to 31.


For: IA students

Study group on Animal Life in the Changing Climate will be held on

Saturday, November 1, 2014 at 09.00 a.m.

All students gather at the library. Come on time.


Biology Teacher

Ms. VonnyPujiastuti

  1. Based on the information in the announcement above, the announcement is from ….
  2. Biology teacher
  3. English teacher
  4. Indonesian teacher
  5. Mathematics teacher
  6. The announcement is for ….
  7. ID students’
  8. IC students’
  9. IB students’
  10. IA students’
  11. The announcement is about ….
  12. English club discussion
  13. Animal life discussion
  14. English day discussion
  15. Animal life practicum
  16. The venue of the discussion is ….
  17. at school
  18. at home
  19. at the library
  20. in the classroom
  21. ..…friends are coming to the party.

The correct answer for the above question is…

  1. A
  2. An
  3. Some
  4. Any
  5. Those shoes….so dirty.

The correct answer for the above question is…

  1. A
  2. An
  3. Are
  4. Some
  5. We have five pens and ….book.

The correct answer for the above question is….

  1. A
  2. An
  3. Some
  4. Any


Answer the following questions below correctly…!

  1. Siti       : “Let’s wrap the gift for Lina. Can we place it on your table?”

Beni     : “Please do, but don’t make a mess.”

  1. To give an instruction…………………………
  2. To ask for a permission………………………….……
  3. To respond a permission………………….……………..
  4. To give a prohibition………………………………
  1. Mrs. Fauzia: “Birds can fly because they have wings. We don’t have wings, so

we cannot fly. But we can make planes. With a plane we can fly very high and

goto far places.”

According to Mrs. Fauzia:

  1. Birds can ……………………………
  2. We cannot …………………………………
  3. We can ………………………………………
  4. We can ……………………………………
  5. What your opinion of English? Explain!
  6. What do will you say to congratulate your friend who get high score in examine?
  7. close at 8 pm – opens – 9 am and – The library – at

Arrange the words above to good sentence!


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